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Occupy Sesame Street

Monkeying Around

Are these legal?

Little Girl Lost

Saturday, May 4, 2013.

Saturday, May 4, 2013. Just walking my invisible dog officer.

Sunday, April 28, 2013. Busted for painting... herself in the nude.

Monday, April 22, 2013. No pants subway ride New York.

Olivia Newton John



Hey Duke, watta ya say we go look for some hydrants?

Nice kitty. I'd hate to clean
that litter box.

Cop talk.

Excuse me officer...

We have to be alert and
aware of our surroundings.

Good arrest.


Mr. T.


JC visits a precinct.

Meet PingPing

Bottle holder.

Meal break

No standing.

I know that guy.

I watch Sesame Street
to Elmo.

What's so funny?

Hello Kitty.
2011 seymour templar
Seymour's Flickr Page

Storm Trooper Arrested.

Little lost dog.

The NYPD is recruiting.

A little monkey business.

Everybody gather round now

Keyless entry patrol cars.

More NYPD budget cuts.

Woof, woof.

"Miss, where's your shirt?"

Good for ya.

Comic Gabriel Iglessias.
Watch video page.

NYPD runs on Dunkin

"Ain't you ever seen a
topless girl before?"

A clothing optional protest
in Manhattan.

Oy. Vay!

Have to supplement your
income somehow.

82nd and Columbus.
OK! who's the wise guy.

Hmmm! Yum Yum!

Solitaire in progress.

What budget cuts?
Mercedes S-Class sedan.
MSRP over $100,000.

The Almost Naked Cowboy.

Dammm! Nice shoes.

Break Time.

Shit! Shit!

Some friendly tourists.

Officer Jarred Barretti jokes
about writing a parking
ticket for the new 2008
No.18 M&M's NASCAR
Toyota Camry

The NYC subways get a
little hotter today

The Naked Cowboy
has some competition.

Traffic stop.

Trick or treat.

Excuse me officer...

You got a problem with
Mr. Snuggles riding in
the patrol car?

Rapper 50 Cent chillin' with
some of da home boyz.

 Office Rudolf.

Left Town.

Have no idea what this
one is about.

New RMP decals.

I think that guy is spaced
out on meth.

Give them some of
your donut. No way!

The NEW Miranda Rights.

Life's a drag, than
you meet one.

Sent in by Richard A.
Fabiszak, retired
NYPD July, 2004

More budget cuts..

I am not worthy. I will write
more summonses tomorrow.

What a beautiful night.

Reopening of the 9th.

Pillow fight

in Union Square

Tryin' to make a little extra
money during meal breaks.

Peek a boob.

Peek a boob.

Here's an idea.

Maybe, maybe NOT.

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