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Last Updated: Sunday, December 18, 2011

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These photographs were submitted to me a few years ago when I had my "Top Cop Humor" website. They really illustrate the lighter side of police work. All photos are copyright their respective owners. I saved the photos, but don't have all the relevant information that goes along with them (name, department etc.). I am starting a new gallery now. If you have a humorous photo of yourself or a fellow officer you would like to post here, please email it to me at: michael@thepolicedaily.com.

Lt. Michael P. Dougherty,
Patrol Operations Bureau Commander, Worthington Ohio

Officer Bryan Plemons picks up a cup of Joe for the grave yard shift

Corrections Officer Wray at a jail for Blue Ridge in Virginia. I asked one night how you use the "Black Chair". Officer Miller said for me to sit in the chair and the buckles are like a seat belt. I'm thinking push button. I buckled myself in and about the time I went to buckle the waist I got to looking at the buckle and said "wait a minute? how the hell do I get myself out???" It was a priceless moment and the whole staff died laughing at me.
Police Stress Eddie Is Tied Up Jack & Jay Officer Grey
Traffic Duty Today Police Graffiti More Police Stress Sponge Bob & Friends
More Police Graffiti Stacy Weber Cross Dressing K9 Viking Cop

Budget Cuts

New York's Finest

Retired Police Officer David Leibold, Montgomery County, MD.

Grant O'Neil, Senior Constable 10337,
Western Australia Police

May I take the liberty of sharing a story about a very dear & close friend of mine. Actually 3-dear friends. We are Big Jim and the Twins.

April 21, 1981. A day forever seared in my memory. I'm retired now. Still have nightmares about that fateful day. I went to my police job, did the Lord's Work in those days... defending the constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. Opened my locker in the basement of the Eugene, Oregon Federal Building. That's where my office was. A hovel of sorts. I was the only officer from the Federal Protective Service stationed there. An honest to God outpost. As was my habit. I turned my police radio on. Our Dispatch Center was in Portland, Oregon. I started to take my uniform out of the locker. My radio came to life. Intruder in the Eugene Federal Courthouse! Respond at once! There was no time to put my uniform on. So, I opened my gun safe, took out my 357 Smith & Wesson revolver. 4" Barrel. I slid the gun down the front of my jeans and hot footed it to the courthouse. I arrived at the courthouse and started to creep around. It's scary to creep. Creeping is not for every one. As I was creeping down a hallway I thought I heard a noise. So, I whipped my Magnum out. Pointed it down the hallway. Nobody there. The intruder was gone. I often wondered if he was intimidated by my creeping skills. I slid my gun down the front of my jeans. And headed back to my hovel AKA office.

So, there I was, standing in front of my locker. I reached down to take the magnum out of my jeans. It wasn't there! I pulled the front of my jeans forward a little bit. Then I saw it. The handle of my gun. It had slipped down. No big deal. I gingerly grasped the handle and started pulling. The gun was stuck! And that's when the terrible realization dawned on me! Sweet Jesus, the front sight of my gun is stuck on my under shorts! I have, for the Love of God, a 357 Magnum Revolver pointed directly at BIG JIM & THE TWINS!!! After much weeping, wailing and gashing of teeth I realize a decision had to be made. If I was going to save BIG JIM & THE TWINS. The situation was in doubt. I started to shake my leg. Low & behold the magnum slid down my leg and onto the floor! Thus, BIG JIM & THE TWINS were saved.

This has become a beloved bedtime story for children of police officers worldwide.
Thank you Noel B. Ness for sending this in.