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Last Updated: Sunday, December 18, 2011

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Posted 09/15/10:
This is the worlds first monkey cop. His name is Santisuk. Santisuk is a 5-year-old pig-tailed macaque, and is a proud member of the Thai police, doing his best to keep the streets crime-free. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, since Santisuk is really just a mascot for the police force of Saliburi district, Thailand. He was found injured a while back and has since then been adopted by local policemen. Every day he puts on his “Monkey Police” uniform and accompanies his colleagues on patrols. He doesn’t do arrests or stakeouts, but he does sit on top of the police car drawing attention and improving police image, in locals’ eyes.
Posted 12/26/07:
Have you seen this man?
Poor Marc Brown from KABC news channel 7 to have the sketch of a rapist that he is reporting about look exactly like him even down to the same expression.
Posted 12/25/07:
op, high on marijuana brownies, calls 911.
Dearborn police declined to pursue criminal charges against an officer last year, even after the cop admitted to taking marijuana from criminal suspects and, with his wife, cooking it up in brownies. Then-Cpl. Edward Sanchez was allowed to resign from the department, but he was not charged with a crime. He declined to comment Wednesday.

Posted 12/11/07:
No, it's not an Indian attack...
Those are actually trajectory rods. A Schertz police officer escaped serious injury despite a hail of gunfire from two weapons fired by a 48-year-old Comal County man he had stopped for speeding. Schertz Police Chief Stephen Starr said Officer Richard Kunz pulled over Michael Kennedy for speeding on north Interstate 35 near FM 1103 at 11:30 p.m. During the stop, Officer Kunz noticed Kennedy was carrying a handgun. Kennedy then grabbed an assault rifle out of his car and began firing. Kennedy fired 30 rounds from it and then from a .9mm handgun, Starr said. Officer Kunz, hidden behind his cruiser, managed to fire 16 shots. Three of the shots hit Kennedy in the back and neck. Kennedy was listed Friday in serious condition at Brooke Army Medical Center. Kunz was not hurt but his patrol car was riddled with 30 bullets. ”Our officer was extremely lucky,” Starr said. “We do a lot of firearms training here, and he reverted to the training that we initiated here at the department and everything fell into place. And that’s what we look for.” Starr said three weapons and several magazines of ammunition, including a sidearm in a holster, were recovered from Kennedy’s car. Thanks to everyone at the PoliceLink Forums for their help in researching this story.

Posted 12/08/07:
Methamphetamine High
A police hostage negotiator talks to a highly embarrassed but lucky meth user in order to keep him calm. This guy did a "leap of faith" on an Easter weekend (2005). While on a crystal meth ‘run’ of consecutive several days without sleep, the religious programming on the radio prompted him to jump buck-naked out of his hotel window as it seemed like his "soul was being read by Christ" and this was a test he had to do to show his faith. He escaped serious injury or death when he accidentally landed (and stuck) to a wire thereby allowing an emergency extraction by the Fire Department.

Posted 12/08/07:
Frisky Business
Three German teenagers posed as police officers at the Munich Oktoberfest with the intention of "frisking" the prettiest attendants at the festival. The creative teens dressed up for the festival and then claimed to be searching for weapons in the crowd. They would approach the women they liked best to ask them to submit to a search. One of the women complained to the police station that she had been subjected to "a too intimate frisk." The real police went out to investigate and found the teenagers and arrested them for sexual harassment, indecent behavior and impersonating law enforcement officers.

Posted 12/07/07:
Cop Sues Over Firing, Blames Meatballs
A former NYPD detective who lost his job after he said his wife poisoned his meatballs with pot without his knowledge is suing to get his job back. Full Story


Posted 12/06/07:
Ho Ho Ho, You're Under Arrest!
MANILA, Philippines (AP) - More than 1,000 police officers wearing Santa hats have fanned out across the Philippine capital in time for the Christmas holidays -- traditionally the busiest period for thieves in Manila.

Posted 11/29/07:
Police Officer Arrests His Own Wife;
Also A Cop.

It’s probably a predicament that every police couple have asked themselves, would you arrest your own wife or husband if it came to it. Well, it appears for this husband, yes! Elko County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Moore, arrested his own wife Charlotte on Saturday night and was charged with driving under the influence and placed on paid administrative leave.

Posted 11/22/07:
World's Fastest Police Car ( Home Page )
ENGINE... Pratt Whitney - J60-6 / Navy T-39 Fighter POWER... 6,500 lbs. Thrust with Afterburner HORSEPOWER... 6,000 BODY... Fiberglass FUEL... 25 Gallons Jet A / Kerosene FUEL CONSUMPTION... 2 Gallons a Second AIR CONSUMPTION... 30,000 Cubic Feet Per Second BRAKES... 4 Wheel disc/ 2 Parachutes WEIGHT... 1650 lbs. 1/8 MILE ET... 3.96 Seconds 1/8 MILE SPEED... 205 Miles Per Hour 1/4 MILE ET... 5.86 Seconds 1/4 MILE SPEED... 271 Miles Per Hour BEST 60 FOOT... .098 of a Second G-FORCE... 4 g's / Same as the space shuttle at launch. More Information

Posted 11/20/07:
Undercover Leprechaun

Sheriff's deputy dressed as leprechaun an unlucky omen on Florida road ORLANDO, Florida (AP) _ There was no pot of gold behind the dancing roadside leprechaun, only speeding tickets. Dozens of drivers in the Orlando area found out the hard way Thursday after passing an Orange County sheriff's deputy dressed as a leprechaun and warning drivers to slow down. A laser detector clocked cars above his sign reading ''Watch your speed or it will cost you your pot of gold,'' and several officers on motorcycles chased those who did not heed the advice. Deputy Richard Lockman said police had been giving out about a ticket a minute since 8 a.m. He was dressed in a green leprechaun outfit with a hat, tight white knickers and a fake red beard. Speeders complained that being stopped by a deputy in costume was entrapment. ''I think that's just ridiculous,'' Lockman said. ''The elf didn't force anybody to speed.

Posted 11/15/07:
CoolCop Body Armor Air Conditioner

"CoolCop™-Body Armor Air Conditioning" is an innovative and unique product designed by a police officer in California trying find a simple way to beat the summer time heat and humidity fast! It wasn't long before fellow police officers caught on to his ingenious way of keeping cool and dry during the summer months. As word spread, beat partners wanted one for themselves and a prototype was built, a few were made and passed around, and CoolCop™ was born. Visit Ron Baldal's website at: http://www.coolcop.com/index.html

Posted 11/14/07:
Hitching A Ride

It’s a sad story but a beautiful photo. This 300-pound sea lion was picked up by police 65 miles from the ocean after commuters called him in as a traffic hazard. While waiting for animal control to come by the sea lion decided to sun himself on the back of a police cruiser.

Posted 11/10/07:
Charlie's Angels

This is actually a clip from a video scandal that rocked the SFPD (San Francisco Police Department). 20 officers were suspended. A video titled "Charie's Angels" shows San Francisco Police Captain Rick Bruce licking his lips to various women and transgender men during a press conference with Mayor Gavin Newsom and Chief of Police Heather Fong to announce a series of videos made by San Francisco Police Officers of the Bay View Police Station. Twenty officers, including Captain Rick Bruce, were suspended due to the release of the videos to the public on a website. Event on 12/7/05 in San Francisco

You can view the entire story at: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2005/12/08/MNGQIG4PLD1.DTL

Posted 11/03/07:
Worlds Smallest Police Dog - Midge
In Geauga County, Ohio there is a new K-9 deputy on patrol. But when it comes to taking a bite out of crime, this deputy dog will be taking very small portions. Here comes "Midge," two pounds of raw recruit police power. A 3-month-old miniature Chihuahua with a little Rat Terrier mixed in, who has one major talent right now. "Cute, she is cute, she is little, she's very friendly, she likes people a lot," Geauga Sheriff Dan McClelland said. Midge, in her little uniform, is already patrolling the hallways at the county jail and the sheriff has plans to train her as the smallest drug dog in the state of Ohio."

Posted 10/24/07:
World Cop Donut Eating Contest

Officer Joe Dawson of the Wheeling, Illinois police department shoves a donut into his mouth during the 2003 World Cop Donut Eating Contest Championship April 24, 2003 in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. The competition kicked off a conference of the National Criminal Justice Training Council and helped raise money for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Dawson placed second in the event. Click image to enlarge.

Posted 10/15/07:
Do You See The Pig?

Some people are claiming that they see a pigs face in the Cleveland police logo. A recent newspaper article did some editing, taking away bordering and edging on an image of the logo and the result was the image of a pig. “We had that in the academy. Every 10 years or so, someone comes out saying something like that. There are a lot bigger issues other than what our badge looks like,” said CPPA President Steve Loomis. The logo dates back to the late 1960s when the department revamped their look. Right after the Hough Riots, it was changed in an attempt to change the face of the police department.